An afternoon with James Neale Photogrpahy: A Norwich walkabout

No. 24 - Pulls Ferry, Norwich    Blue Skies & Blossom     Red Bricks & Blue Doors - Norwich Cathedral area.

IMG_0418    Entry to Norwich Cathedral from Tombland    IMG_0432

Yesterday, I spent the most lovely afternoon wandering around Norwich with James Neal

(of James Neale Photography) and my fellow ‘class-mates’.

Norwich Cathedral & Cricketers

©MostlyVictoria – April 2013 – Norwich

In the autumn of last year, after a (very generous) gift from my lovely Nanna, I decided to take the plunge and bought my first DSLR. I have enjoyed taking and playing around with editing photos for some years, but up until then, it had always been with a basic digital camera, the point and shoot sort, with ‘auto’ being pretty much my favourite setting.

In more recent years my iPhone camera has enabled me to document so much more while on the go and it is great and will continue to have a place in my life (i.e. when you don’t want to lug a camera kit around!). But I wanted to learn and do more, to experiment beyond the limitations of any ‘point and shoot’ or iPhone.

Then my ‘shiny’ new camera arrived and it turned out to be quite scary – sooo many buttons and settings and menus and sub-menus- and quick keys… “Geeeeez, where do you start?” I kept thinking. I’m not so good with manuals, I don’t have much patience for reading theory and besides, my learning preference has always been to learn by being shown, by doing and by experimenting, but somehow I needed to learn the basics, besides how to turn it on.

So after several months of looking at (and feeling guilty for not using) my new camera – packed very nicely and tidily in its very own bag, along with all it’s accessories organised especially well, ready for that occasion, whenever it arose.  That occasion never seemed to arrive – it was never the ‘right time’ for it’s first outing, the right time for our first ‘getting to know you session’.

It was beginning to feel like it would never get used, I always had an excuse. This was more down to my own confidence than weather conditions or time constraints. Once I owned up to being a scaredy pants, I decided to go back to basics and take a beginners photography class.

Yesterday was the second part (of a total of 3) sessions with James and after a quick bit of ‘class-room’ theory and demos, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and cameras in hand, we wandered off around Norwich. Stopping at intervals, we had James on hand (thankfully!) to coach and advise as we tried out the techniques we had learnt in the ‘classroom’ and began getting to know our kit.

Norwich Riverside Walk

©MostlyVictoria – April 2013 – Norwich

Now I will make my excuses – I am learning and trying to tame this powerful beast, we are beginning to get along but we’re still quite a long way off ‘BFF’.  One things for sure, there will be a 3rd date and a fourth and many more after that…

River Wensum - at Pulls Ferry

©MostlyVictoria – April 2013 – Norwich

Seeing as I’m such a fan of a journeys, I thought it would be nice to document this journey of a different kind. It will no doubt be one with highs and lows, with frustrations, elations and everything else in-between. Here lies within, my DSLR photography journey from the beginning…

Bishopgate Bridge, Norwich

©MostlyVictoria – April 2013 – Norwich

I’m sure that with time I will improve as I get to know & (eventually) love my new toy; I’ll be sure to keep sharing along the way… but for now I’m just pleased I have at least taken the first few steps… of course with thanks to James Neale Photography!

Blue Doors

©MostlyVictoria – April 2013 – Norwich


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