Travel Treasure

We’re on the hunt for travel treasure, we know it’s out there, somewhere… in fact we’re pretty sure it’s everywhere and we’re hoping you can help us get a special collection of travel treasure together. We’re aiming for a collection of 1001 – yes, we may be a little on the ambitious side, but hey, why not? The worlds a big place!

What is travel treasureA travel treasure is a particularly memorable experience that you loved, typically one that you have had while on your travels, but you don’t need to be a nomad, or on a gap-year, nor do you need to be an established writer or blogger, you just need to have travel treasure and be willing to share it.

I have travel treasure! That’s great news! We thought you would. So now what? Well… wouldn’t it be pretty great to share that treasure and give another reader inspiration for their next trip? Precisely, we thought so too! So keep scrolling down to find out how.

Still scratching your head? Well don’t think too hard – travel treasures are memorable experiences.  In case you’re struggling, let us help jog your memory with some examples:

  • Travel treasure could be a big & brave adrenaline filled moment; maybe you swam with sharks in Hawaii, or bungee jumped in Oz or went dune bashing in Dubai. Tell us about it & make us all want to (wo)man-up and have a go ourselves.
  • Perhaps your travel treasure was a particularly moving moment while you were volunteering at an orphanage in Romania, or on an aid program in the Congo. Go ahead, tell us all about it, tug at our heartstrings – make us want to sign up and help.
  • Your might of found your travel treasure in a perfect moment of serenity while herding cattle in Wyoming, or an epiphany amidst the crazy chaos of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar – tell us more & make us wanna go find ourselves there too.
  • And y’know the small & simple things can be travel treasures too… maybe a chocolate brownie moved you to tears… if your first ride on a big red London bus gave you goosebumps… whatever it is, if that particular moment was one you will never forget, then it’s most definitely a travel treasure!

Share your travel treasure. So you want to share your travel treasure – that’s fantastic news!!  What’s also great is how easy it is to share. Simply send us an email with the details set out in points 1 – 5 (below) keeping the content to 300 words or less.

  1. Explain what your travel treasure is. The what and where kind of details. Be as specific as you can, to help fellow travellers find and enjoy the experience for themselves. For example “My first authentic Parisian croissant from ‘Le Grand Patisserie’ – a bakery in the Latin Quarter”.
  2. Tell us why it is so treasured. What exactly is it that sticks out in your memory and made it so special? Why will you never forget this little treasure? What exactly was it that you loved about the experience?
  3. Give your travel treasure a titleKeep it short and snappy – just enough to give readers an idea of whether it is a treasure they want to go and hunt for.
  4. Attach a photo. As a pictures says a thousand words (and as we only need 300 little words) this will help to bring your story to life. Please make sure your image is less than 5MB in size. The photo can (but does not have to) include yourself, most importantly, it should represent your travel treasure experience. By sending an image to us, we assume the image you send is your own. If the image is not yours, please obtain rights for ‘’ to publish the image online, on your behalf before sending us the image. It would be useful if you could let us know who the image does belong to with a; company name/ website etc.
  5. Send us your travel treasure. Don’t forget to include your name as you would like it to appear next to your travel treasure and if you have a blog, website, Facebook or Twitter account you want linked, include them and send everything by email to: lifebyvsp @

Note: you’ll need to remove the spaces we’ve added to our email address (above) we did this on purpose, just to keep those pesky little email gremlins out of our mailbox.

What happens next?  Well we can hardly wait to start reading about your travel treasure and we’ll let you know as soon as we receive it… that way you’ll know it is safe and sound – after all, it is treasure!  Next we’ll get your treasure up onto the travel treasure page – this can sometimes take a few days – especially if we are on the road and wifi is not readily available. Rest assured,  we’ll let you know as soon as it is live, so that you can share it with your friends (and readers if you have blog or website of your own).

The more travel treasures we collect, the more inspiration we can provide… the more amazing memories are made… it really is that simple!

What are you waiting for??

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