TRAVEL TREASURE #1 – Perito Moreno Glacier

How exciting! The first entry in our Travel Treasure Collection just landed at Mostly Victoria thanks to Dani & Jess of Globetrottergirls – be inspired and share your travel treasure too…

Perito Moreno Glacier by Globetrottergirls

© Globetrottergirls

© Globetrottergirls

Patagonia…it is just a region on a map with a beginning and an end, but when you actually set out to drive southward through it, there are days upon days where you feel that the rocky, barren landscape might never end. And then suddenly you reach a beautiful area that takes your breath away and is unlike anything you have seen before.

This was the experience we had about 50 miles outside of El Calafate on our trip out to see the Perito Moreno glacier. We had seen photos of it, but no one could have prepared us for how we would feel when we saw the glacier close up.

This is one of the very few glaciers in the world that is not melting away, but still growing, so you don’t feel that regretful sadness you might feel elsewhere. Here, you just feel how majestic this 35km long, 5k wide wall of ice truly is. The highest points are 60 stories high, and as the sun heats up the front each afternoon, cracking noises thunder through the air before massive pieces of ice bigger than your house crash into the water below.

A boat trip brought us almost right up to the towering walls, and the drop in temperature as you near the glacier is humbling, its power and size is overwhelming. The ice cracks and groans, and feels alive and under its spell we spent an afternoon with hundreds of other people just staring at the massive sheet of ice. When you stand on the many walk ways and paths built in front of it, observing it from different angles and vantage points, it looks like the water was rushing right at you, frozen in time now for millions of years as ice.

There is no way to predict the impact that global warming will have on the glaciers in future decades, even the mighty Perito Moreno, which is why we keep this day close to our hearts as one of our dearest travel treasures.

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About GlobetrotterGirls: Independent travel experts and digital nomads, Dani and Jess are a German-American LGBT couple traveling the world non-stop since 2010. They have lived in and traveled through over 30 countries while running their travel website Street food junkies, hotel enthusiasts, street art lovers, vegetarians, and passionate housesitters, the GlobetrotterGirls are also authors of the book Break Free – The Ultimate Guide To Housesitting.

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