10 things I’ve already learned backpacking.

Dream. Believe. Go.

So it’s been 5 days since we hit the road with our packs, here’s 10 things I have (already) learned:

  1. Just because the shower has a ‘hot’ setting, this does not mean you will get hot water. Or warm water. Or even almost-warm water.
  2. You know you packed well when all 6 bottles of sunscreen, 3 bottles of bug spray and 2 bottles of aftersun did not explode in transit – go me!
  3. You know you packed badly when you fall out with your backpack on day 1 because it is waaaay too heavy. Day 6… we’re still not talking. *note to self: make-up with backpack*
  4. Sunburned shoulders/ back are to be avoided at ALL costs – they are not at all conducive to carrying a pack.
  5. Be cheeky. Ask for a free room upgrade. Maybe worded slightly more subtly – like ‘do you have a better room for the same price?’ it worked for us already.
  6. It doesn’t matter what how warm the weather is – you can still catch a cold. It’s not like I’m not expecting any sympathy…
  7. Get vaccinations plenty in advance of your departure – being pasty pale on arrival is one thing, but add a black, blue and khaki green arm – yuk.
  8. The Greek alphabet is really hard to make sense of.
  9. Raki is an pretty unpleasant spirit that accompanies a meal in a traditional Greek taverna – there’s no ducking out of it. Just yell “Yammas!” & knock it back before you talk yourself out of it.
  10. Relax into the local pace of life. It’s an adjustment process I’m working on – I’ll have it mastered pretty soon.

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