20 things I’ve loathed and loved about backpacking

Backpacking Greek Island Hopping

So it’s been 20 days since we hit the road, here’s 20 things I have simultaneously loathed and loved about backpacking:

  1. LOATHED – not having 3G cell network. See my bio – I’m a self confessed digital junkie. I’m a lost cause. Don’t judge me.
  2. LOVED – not having a 6am alarm call.
  3. LOATHED – having to hand wash clothes. Not fun. Ever. Let alone when it’s hot & you didn’t pay the extra for the air-conditioned room.
  4. LOVED – having no fixed plans, going with the flow is underrated.
  5. LOATHED – not being allowed to flush loo-roll. A surprisingly hard habit to break. Despite a bin right next to the loo & ample signage saying “do not put paper in toilet”.
  6. LOVED – how well I have managed with so few clothes / shoes / accessories / (relative to my ‘normal’ standard) – I’ve surprised myself!
  7. LOATHED – that I feel ‘old’ compared to the students and gap-year travellers we come across.
  8. LOVED – having no housework to do (well that is besides no. 4 above).
  9. LOATHED – not having my electric toothbrush. I’ve only just stopped trying to press the (non-existent) ‘on’ button on my manual toothbrush.
  10. LOVED – spending so much time with my hubby.
  11. LOATHED – not having ‘girl time’ with my BFF’s.
  12. LOVED – not having to drag a case on wheels. I get that smug feeling when I see others struggling with uneven ground as I stride off with my pack.
  13. LOATHED – not knowing if I’m getting a hot or cold shower. I do like surprises, but not this kind. I like my shower hot (for the record).
  14. LOVED – having the time & opportunity to do things I love such as exploring, taking photos and writing about it.
  15. LOATHED – not having a bigger daily budget. It’s a good to be disciplined but that fancy restaurant with its delicious (yet over-budget) menu is oooh so alluring.
  16. LOVED – how average holiday makers are so interested in (and a little envious of ) what we are up to & where we are going. It reminds us we did good to get here.
  17. LOATHED – that the mosquitos bite me even if I am doused in tropical variety (yes with 50% deet) bug spray – I must smell or taste reeally good for them to still wanna suck my blood through all that toxic gunk.
  18. LOVED – that longer-term travel = time to tan slowly. So for whitey old me (though a little bit less white now) it reduces likelihood of sunburn.
  19. LOATHED – how despite having pruned my ‘backpack wardrobe’ down to almost nothing; I still have stuff I haven’t yet worn. I really wish I’d left my waterproof at home.
  20. LOVED – how well we get ‘looked after’ as budget travellers; some small but very sweet gestures here and there have been really quite touching.

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